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Mathy By Bols
Mathy By Bols was founded in 1987 and  has built a reputation cemented by their 3 brand pillars; Creativity, Versatility and flexibility. Mood-mini objects of desire are delighted to partner with Mathy and are now an official UK Mathy By Bols online retailer. What we love about the Mathy product range is they feel so wonderfully kitch and yet have a playful sensibility that is compatible with our own ethos; “functional, stylish, playful”. They are truly unique children’s beds.

The production philosophy is centred around what they call ‘Reactive nature;Optimisation of raw materials, energy, waste, transport, packaging and communication. All production is still produced out of their factory in Belgium. They are true to their region where nature and building is sustainable and quality and respect flourish in both their community spirit and industry.

Their relationships with established independent designers has served to strengthen their reputation worldwide. The Mathy By Bols Treehouse Cabin Bed, Tent Bed and Caravan Bed all designed by Francois Lamazerolles are now recognised internationally and for Themed Children’s beds they are unsurpassed. 

Mathy By Bols

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